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Located in Nguyen Van Linh Parkway in Canh Doi Quarter of Phu My Hung City Center, Customer Service Centerestablished in 2006 is known as a place to collect ideas and sort out all difficulties of residents in this urban area as well as managing land and house handover and maintenance services.

After 6 years operation, Customer Service Center has been fully equipped with different sections in order to ensure the best condition for the urban area and the comfortable living space for residents here.

  1. Reception: Collecting and transferring residents’ ideas and complaints to corresponding departments. Consulting the procedure of installing telephone, TV cable, water, electricity, etc.
  2. Handover: Handing over land or house to customers, directing and following up procedure and process of interior decoration and self-constructions.
  3. Construction Management: Following up and sorting out problems during the construction and interior decoration process in Phu My Hung City Center.
  4. Quarter Services: Directly sorting out problems in quarters or contacting corresponding sections to find out solution in-time.
  5. Fee Collection:  Collecting fees like gas, water, management fee, etc.
  6. Maintenance: Maintaining and repairing deteriorations related to electricity, water and community facilities.



Here are 2 hotlines that can give 24/24 support to customers:

  1. Mr. Lý Ngọc Phước: 0913 123 091
  2. Mr. Phan Hữu Thuận: 0903 600 919