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Spring Flower Festival

Spring Flower Festival (14)

Despite coming from different countries, all of them are very fond of the Tet atmosphere in Viet Nam. Some people have experienced 10 New Years in Phu My Hung new urban area and there are also people eager to welcome the Vietnamese Lunar New Year for the first time. Though quite familiar with the style of welcoming the New Year in this area, they insist that annually they always “eagerly welcome spring as ever”. Let us listen to their private experience

These words seem to be quite familiar with spring visitors in Ho Chi Minh City. Since Dragon Year 2012, when Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival was upgraded with the theme Dragon Tet and the ideas of Spring Road, Spring Garden, Spring Wharf, Spring Contribution  were formed, the echo of Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival has spread everywhere. In Horse Year 2014, the theme “Aquatic Plants and Flowers” really caused surprise  to spectators. In Sheep Year 2015, the love for homeland was deepened with the theme “Harvest Season”...

Since Tet holiday 2016 is around the corner, every city of Vietnam are preparing activities to celebrate the country’s Tet holiday.

As one of the leading corporations in Vietnam, besides focusing on business activities, creating  jobs for tens of thousands of workers, Viettel also participates in charity work and social activities bringing practical benefits to the community.

During Tet (the traditional Lunar New Year holiday), Saigon is always different as its streets are not as crowded as usual and one can see beautiful flowers, fruits, ornamental trees and revelers with beautiful clothes and smiling faces. In case your schedule for Tet break is too short, you should take a tour around this interesting city and you will not be disappointed.

In the heart of every Vietnamese, despite growing up in urban areas, often exists a picture of a village, an old place to  return ... And the image of that homeland will be sparkling and more motivated when the cold wind of December is blowing signaling the end of the lunar new year. Spring must be the season of the homeland, the flavor of which no flavor can replace.

Phu My Hung Flower Fair 2015 themed ‘Mua gat’ (Harvest season) for the coming Lunar New Year, or Tet, will reproduce paddy fields in the harvest season and the particular scenes of the Vietnamese countryside in Phu My Hung Urban Area in HCMC’s District 7.

HCM City – A spring flower festival to celebrate Tet (the Lunar New Year) festival will be held in Phu My Hung in HCM City’s District 7 from February 11 to 17.

A spring flower festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Tet) will be held in Phu My Hung town in HCMC’s District 7 from February 11 to 17.

"Time flies so fast, Waiting for nobody”.

That old folk song always makes people’s hearts moved  when the year ends and the new year is coming. Also at this time, the Organizing Committee of Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival begins to put all efforts in the preparation for the coming traditional spring flower festival with many new ideas.