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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 23:31


Flexible payment schedule, multiple utilities and exceptional interest incentives by Shinhan Bank are spotlighting Nam Phuc Le Jardin project in the eyes of customers who are young families seeking for homes and real estate investors. Here are 4 great reasons why you should choose Nam Phuc Le Jardin right now.

1. Immersed in nature
Inspired from the idea of poetic gardens amid city, Le Jardin exudes a beauty of green but no less luxurious, thanks to its semi-classic design. The “Street garden” concept is passionately blended in the project, which is “embraced” by a green belt up to 45,000 m2 wide. Singularly, this is the first time for an urban corridor to be built as a bridge between two parks in front and behind the project area, creating an endless chain link of green space and total fresh air.
2. Attractive payment schedule
Nam Phuc Le Jardin applies a payment duration up to 30 months long. Particularly in 2016, customers have to pay only 30% of their apartment value. It requires no bulky financial accumulation, but just a stable income of a couple; so that a young family can totally have their own space in Nam Phuc Le Jardin. Those aiming for investment may also find the payment term fascinating. The yielding of rental in Phu My Hung is currently around 8-9%/year. Especially, the sizable rental demand is renewed by an immense pool of 15.000 foreign urbanites. As a result, rental market in Phu My Hung remains vibrant and highly profitable.
3. Preferential mortgage interest rate offered by Shinhan Bank
In addition to the heavenly payment schedule, customers of Nam Phuc Le Jardin are also backed by 30 major banks. The outshining backer among those, Shinhan Bank – a leading bank of Korea, offers an acutely preferential interest rate. “Particularly, customer can choose either a fixed annual rate of 6% within the first one year, or 7.8% for the first three years. We greatly appreciate the comforts and elite living condition Nam Phuc Le Jardin brings out, so that we  wish to offer the kindest help to the customers”, said by Ms. Pham Thi Anh Thu, Individual segment Product Development Manager, from Shinhan Bank.
It is advised expertly that the interest rate offered to Nam Phuc Le Jardin by Shinhan Bank virtually hits the ground of the current mortgage market. This is a brilliant plus to take into account as to choose Nam Phuc Le Jardin.

4. Plenty of utilities
Le Jardin residents may find a paradise of utilities just a few step from their home, where they can promote their health and enjoy community activities, thanks to the roof walkways linking the parks in front and behind the project, swimming pool, gyms and kid playgrounds, etc. 10,000 steps a day is scientifically said a basic requirement for optimal health. Le Jardin residents would find this number easier than ever before. The service system (schools, trading, health care, recreation, etc.) is available within their walk, which is really convenient and movement – encouraging.
About Shinhan Bank

Empowered by more than 24.000 expertly specialized staffs and steadily spreading over 16 countries, Shinhan ranks among leading banks of Korea. Shinhan found its feet in Vietnam market in 1993, since when it has operated as one of foreign banks that have the widest orbit with 14 branches and transaction offices throughout cities and provinces. Shinhan provides a diversified investment profile including optimal solutions for individual and corporate customers. A nation-wide network of branches and ATM system, together with a modernized e-banking service, make Shinhan Vietnam a trustworthy partner of millions of customers.