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Event News

As a part of activities for building “civilized city & humanized community”, SPORTS DAY 2017 is designed for Phu My Hung customers & residents only to bring an exciting & meaningful playground as well as to mark your family summer day as an unforgettable moment



Demand for three bedroom condominiums is set to surge in HCM City thanks to the convenience and the high profits they offer, experts have predicted.

Demand for three bedroom condominiums is set to surge in HCM City thanks to the convenience and the high profits they offer, experts have predicted.

Wars, diseases, road accidents have left Vietnam a tragic consequence: 7 million people with disabilities which is 7,8% of Vietnamese population (Source: The Vietnam’s Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs). How are people with disabilities doing and what do they need to improve their lives? Following the Lawrence S. Ting Fund - a charity organization in Vietnam, we're out to find an answer to that question.

On Christmas season, besides big events in Crescent – Crescent mall area, Phu My Hung Customer Center (CSC) had organized activities and events in residences, to bring the festive spirit to doors of resident’s house.

At Everest Education (E2), we work with ambitious and hungry students to prepare them mentally and academically for an international education.  As we launch our newest learning center in Phu My Hung, we are recruiting top students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who have a passion for learning and align with our mission to join the E2 family.

At Everest, we believe that strong bonds of trust between family members boost the confidence and creativity in students.

With the hope of taking a hand to support humanitarian events aimed at good purposes for society and community, CSC kindly provides the information of “15th Charity Fair for Love and Sharing” organized by Korean Woman’s Association in HCM City.

Despite coming from different countries, all of them are very fond of the Tet atmosphere in Viet Nam. Some people have experienced 10 New Years in Phu My Hung new urban area and there are also people eager to welcome the Vietnamese Lunar New Year for the first time. Though quite familiar with the style of welcoming the New Year in this area, they insist that annually they always “eagerly welcome spring as ever”. Let us listen to their private experience

The 11th Lawrence S.Ting charity walk which ended at Ho Ban Nguyet (Crescent Lake) in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7 on January 9 collected around VND2.9 billion for disadvantaged people.

These words seem to be quite familiar with spring visitors in Ho Chi Minh City. Since Dragon Year 2012, when Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival was upgraded with the theme Dragon Tet and the ideas of Spring Road, Spring Garden, Spring Wharf, Spring Contribution  were formed, the echo of Phu My Hung Spring Flowers Festival has spread everywhere. In Horse Year 2014, the theme “Aquatic Plants and Flowers” really caused surprise  to spectators. In Sheep Year 2015, the love for homeland was deepened with the theme “Harvest Season”...

For 10 years, the Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk has truly become “the spring road”, because from the voluntary steps of this program, many poor families have found the spring ...

HCM CITY - As many as 15,000 people are expected to join the 11th Lawrence S. Ting charity walk in Hồ Bán Nguyệt (Crescent Lake) in the Phú Mỹ Hưng urban area in HCM City's District 7 on January 9.