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Monday, 16 May 2016 14:51

Phu My Hung City Center links residents together

Phu My Hung City Center links residents together

Phu My Hung City Center links residents together

It is not by chance that Phu My Hung City Center is considered as one of the most desirable areas to live in Vietnam. In addition to its “hardware” – including infrastructure development, sufficient social convenience, assured security and order, healthy living environment and beautiful landscape – the investor of this urban area has paid great attention to the life of the residents and the living quality of the entire community.

From daily activities…

To better care for residents’ health, in mid-March 2016, Phu My Hung Customer Service Center opened Tai Chi courses at parks in the urban area. Announcements and invitations were sent to the houses of residents. Professional trainers were invited to teach these courses, which were opened for Phu My Hung residents free of charge.

“Tai Chi has been practiced at many places in Phu My Hung, but it remains unprompted in a small scale. We open these courses to create favorable conditions for our residents to take physical exercise with a more scientific approach for better health and to feel very enthusiastic in their practice. After these Tai Chi courses, we will open yoga, dance and badminton courses to offer residents more options and to attract more participants for community events in this green city center”, said Nguyen Minh Tuan, deputy director of Phu My Hung Customer Service Center.

Nguyet Anh, a resident of Phu My Hung’s My Gia 2 quarter, said: “Previously I had practiced Tai Chi exercise, but mainly on my self-education with a little support from my friends. Now Phu My Hung Corp. has opened Tai Chi courses at the park near my home with a professional trainer, I think it creates favorable conditions for residents to enhance health. I have joined the course and will happily invite others to take part in these Tai Chi courses.”

Apart from practical supports to help Phu My Hung residents solve arising matters and concerns in their daily life, Phu My Hung Corp. has also organized cultural and sports events and other meaningful community activities to serve its residents, such as the celebrations of the International Children’s Day, mid-autumn festival, Halloween, Christmas and Trinh Cong Son music shows, which have made living in the residential area more lively.

…to a bigger target

“When choosing Phu My Hung as a place to enjoy a peaceful life, residents have sought to link their life with this place. We are responsible for offering them a high-quality convenient and comfortable living environment. We have built not only a civilized urban area but also a friendly residential community with the expectation for residents to share, love and have a strong connection with this place. We set the specific goal to gradually enhance the values and living quality for residents. That is our long-term target”, said Nguyen Buu Hoi, Vice President of Phu My Hung Development Corporation.

In addition to improving the health of residents, these activities such as Tai Cho exercises are also aimed to enhance the relations among the residents of the urban area. “Apart from the health benefits, joining Tai Chi exercises has helped me make acquaintance with more neighbors. Previously I had just smiled with these people who lived near my house, now we have more favorable conditions to be more friendly with one another. This is also a good condition to enhance our neighborhood relation”, said Nguyet Anh.

Deputy Director of Phu My Hung Customer Service Center Nguyen Minh Tuan said: “These activities have helped us build “a nicer community” for the benefits of their own. Minor disagreements in daily life have been solved more courteously. A civilized community with a stronger connection among its members has been built from these simple things. We believe that in the near future residents of this city center will see their neighbors as an added point or a decisive value when they choose Phu My Hung as their place of residence.”

“In the coming time, we will continue to organize more activities to better connect residents so that each one can become an active member in the entire civilized community. Furthermore, we will also create meaningful cultural events to connect foreign residents, who accounts for nearly half of Phu My Hung’s population.”

The investor’s long-termed and cherished plans will certainly help make the life of Phu My Hung residents livelier and linked with one another. The quality living and environment of this desirable urban area deserves to be recognized as a model for a civilized city, a human community, and one of the best places to live in Vietnam.