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Monday, 04 December 2017 10:04

Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown, Việt Nam’s international urban complex

HCM CITY – Following 24 years of development, Phú Mỹ Hưng City Centre has step by step become a city with conveniences, malls, financial services, education and healthcare facilities. A driving force   for the development of HCM City, especially its southern region, it has 30,000 residents, half of them foreigners from 20 different countries and territories.

With so many foreigners living there, it has been developed to international standards.


Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown is one of projects developed to enhance the quality of living space and services in this urban area.


After two successful sales phases, Phú Mỹ Hưng is preparing for the third phase- The Signature at the beginning of 2018.


The Midtown inspired by international complexes

Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown has been designed and developed inspired by famous areas like Tokyo Midtown or Midtown Manhattan. 


The international urban complex model of Midtown has rapidly received interest of the market when 100% launched units were sold out in previous phases, 25 per cent of them to foreigners.


Every time the developer organised a sales day, thousands of customers participated and took part in a lucky draw held to decide who could buy since there were three or four times as many buyers as there were units. Now 600 prospective customers have registered and many of them are waiting for impending sales days.


Talking about the success of the complex, experts attribute it to the prestige enjoyed by Phú Mỹ Hưng Development Corporation and the fact this is its first development in collaboration with Japanese companies.


Phú Mỹ Hưng offers residents all kinds of services right there, “self-contained” as the developer calls it. The facilities are divided into three levels. First are the self-contained residences, with all services available in each block of a project. 


One step above is the self-contained complex, which refers to the Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown. The highest level is the self-contained Phú Mỹ Hưng City Centre.


Besides the service areas, Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown will have an area for the community and visitors, with the most special being Sakura Park. For the first time in Việt Nam, a park with sakura flowers is being built. When finished, the park, will become a public attraction that lures visitors from all over HCM City.


The sakura trees being planted in the park is Singapore Sakura. Its flowers are similar to their Japanese counterparts but the trees can grow well in Việt Nam.


Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown Complex with Sakura Park has attracted a lot of interest from buyers, many of them foreigners.


Projects developed by big players

For Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown, for the first time in Việt Nam, Phú Mỹ Hưng Development Corporation has collaborated with foreign partners.


“The land left for housing in our city is now only 30 per cent, and so from now on every project will have its own hallmark,” a company spokesperson said.


“Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown is one of them.” Because of that, he said, the company wants to collaborate with foreign partners so that the project’s quality and design meet its expectations.


Three leading Japanese real estate companies have been chosen including Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group in fact account for 50 per cent of that country’s property market share. Besides, the project has brought on board many top designers and architects from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Most of the construction materials are imported from Europe and are environment-friendly