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Monday, 11 January 2016 16:33

The Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk: Spring Road

For 10 years, the Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk has truly become “the spring road”, because from the voluntary steps of this program, many poor families have found the spring ...


This is the story of the birth of the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk, one of the oldest charity walk programs in the country, which not many people know. Mr. Phan Chanh Duong, Director of the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund, said: “The program was born from the heart always looking towards the community of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting, a Taiwanese investor with big projects in Vietnam, such as Tan Thuan Processing Zone, Phu My Hung urban area, Nguyen Van Linh Street ...

When Nguyen Van Linh Street completed phase two, to see the results of the initial investment, Mr. Lawrence S. Ting had a very long walk on this street. At that moment, an idea of ​​a walking program combined with the charity work arose in him. Thus the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk was born!”

Right from the early days, the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk chose the spring as the time to hold the event annually. “In the concept of Vietnamese people,  spring is the season of the beginning, of desire and hope for the whole year. However, not everyone has conditions to get a warm and prosperous spring.

From that thought, the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk chose the spring to look towards the poor as well as the difficult circumstances, in order to bring them the spiritual encouragement, the material support in the spring time,” said Mr. Nguyen Buu Hoi, Deputy General Director of Phu My Hung Development Corporation, Chief of Organization Board, Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk.


10 years - 10 times to hold the event, with nearly 20 billion dong raised and collected, Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk has brought “spring” to many poor people.

Mr. Lam Hong Phat, Phuoc Kien Hamlet, Nha Be District, HCMC, said: “Previously, our family was one of the poor families in the hamlet. I had unstable job and my wife sewed garment for money, so earning a living and taking care of our two kids’ study was  difficult. We dare not dream of a good house. It was very surprising when last year, I was awarded 50 million dong from the Fund “For the poor” of the district to build the house of love from the funding source of the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk. Having a good house, the life of my family has become more stable since then.”

Having the same pleasure to welcome spring in the new house with Mr. Phat is Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang. She was also supported to build a house of love from the funding of the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk. “From the day my husband had an accident and lost his labor ability, I took care of my family alone, facing from this difficulty to another. To be frank, without the program supporting the house of love, I do not know when the family could escape from the ramshackle house,” said Ms. Hang emotionally.

Receiving the new year gift of the program, the old woman, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Be, Hiep Phuoc Hamlet, Nha Be District, could not hold her tears. She said, her family was not so poor before. Since the day her son was mentally ill, she, the old and weak woman, became the main laborer, the family being broke. “I have not enjoyed Tet for many years!” said Mrs. Be.

In addition to houses as well as Tet gifts awarded to the poor each year in the spring time, the program Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk also takes care of the future generation by providing scholarships through the Fund “For the poor people” of the districts. From those scholarships, many poor students did not have to leave school to earn a living, and continue to pursue the dream to escape poverty by their education.

Ms. Tran Thi Cam Nhung, an English teacher, Hai Ba Trung Secondary School (Nha Be District), said briefly: “For me, ‘spring’comes from the prompt scholarships. Now I have a stable job, like my dream, the family is no longer poor, that is ‘spring’!”

From one walk, from a heart looking towards the poor people of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting, resonant with the compassionate heart of the community, each year, in the spring, the cheerful steps of goodwill continue on “spring road” of Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk.

Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk event, 11th time , 2016 will be held at 6:30 on  9/1/2016, at The Crescent, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC.

The event is live on HTV.

We cordially invite individuals, organizations and businesses to participate in the event, to support the program. Individuals having charitable contribution over 50,000 dong, will be offered T- shirts, water and sweepstakes ballot. Enterprises contributing 5,000,000 dong or more will have their name printed on the banner; those who  contribute 20,000,000 dong  or more will be invited on stage to offer symbolic boards.

Please contact:                     

Phu My Hung Development Corporation

801 Nguyen Van Linh St., District 7, HCMC

Account: 0181000015127 – Vietcombank, South Saigon Branch

Tel: 08. 54119999  - Ext: 961/980

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