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Scenic Valley 2 Sample Apartments - It’s Great When A Sample Apartment Is “Alive”

Artsy Expressions continues to be chosen to design 2 sample apartments for Scenic Valley 2 project. Putting in the whole enthusiasm, fascination with the creative findings in shape, color, materials etc. Ms. Angelia Lee Peng – CEO of Artsy Expressions has shared with Phu My Hung Journal of ideas when designing these two sample apartments.

Can you share ideas about the design of Scenic Valley 2 sample apartment?

The main task of a sample apartment is to  help buyers envision a living space in the near future, which is attractive as well as inspires  them to build their own apartment in the perfect way about decoration and optimization of indoor space.

Based on the experience of traveling around the world and predicting trends for 2016 and 2017 in the field of fashion having effect on housing design, we have applied this into Scenic Valley 2 sample apartments. Thus, for these two sample apartments, you will see a breakdown of the traditional design principles, instead, focusing more on the shapes, colors and materials.

These new designing ideas are expected to attract young customers by newer designing trend, Retro style. It is worth mentioning, though following the new style, utilities are still  focused to maximize the usefulness. We have arranged closets and built-in cabinets, neat and handy.

You have just mentioned fashion trends in 2016 and 2017 that have impact on the use of colors and materials in Scenic Valley 2 sample apartments?

Colors and materials can create the design but they can also break that design. This is also the core of the success of any interior design. The style of harmonious combination of materials and colors will  create the flow of  ideas for designing and create life for the living space.

In the two Scenic Valley 2 sample apartments, you will feel the brightness of the color when they are brought into the furniture and built-in materials in a subtle way. In parallel, many spaces are arranged with such materials as natural birch wood combined with  glossy exterior materials making modern and fresh feeling coming at the same time when you visit the apartment.

Particularly, the surface and patterns of the bathroom tiles and the walls are dotted making  an interesting backdrop for the living room and bedroom.

If you must choose between two factors: usefulness and beauty when designing the sample apartment, which one would you prioritize?

The first responsibility of the designer is to understand what the market needs. The apartments that have medium area are more and more popular and our job is to show a beautiful living space no matter how large the area is. There is no separation of the importance between utility and beauty when we designed Scenic Valley 2 sample apartments.

We have balanced between the utility and reality of space, but we do not forget the standard elements of the designing work, and at the same time, we have to meet the goals of a sample  apartment, which is beautiful and attractive enough to attract attention, because behind the sample apartment are many real apartments needed to access the market.

Have you been under any pressure about designing the sample apartments when Artsy Expressions has designed most of Phu My Hung’s sample apartments during this time?

We are honored to be selected as a chief designer for most of the model apartments of  projects in Phu My Hung. For Artsy, this is a great responsibility and challenge when we have to constantly make new ones, go ahead of other enterprises in the business sector. More important, the model apartments must be recognized by the public.

We always try to make this sample apartment different from the next one. No two apartments are the same  and no design patterns are repeated in sample apartments of the projects. Designing is a job with many personal factors, it is like a work of art. Therefore, the pressure will increase more when occasionally it is difficult to predict the public’s reaction to our new designs.


What is your most favorite thing when designing this sample apartment?

When you begin designing something that the ideas have already existed in your head and you realize the ideas by ​a space full of emotion, which can be touched, it is great. And the most interesting thing of this work is that the model apartment is “alive”, which means it is loved and recognized.

I also like to travel and collect beautiful accessories to complement the design of the space and this is the interesting aspects of this work.

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