Phu My Hung Midtown 

Phu My Hung Midtown
The utopia of luxury

The symphony of life is created from the crystallization of the flawless values of two cultures, architecture ... Vietnam and Japan - Phu My Hung Midtown, will wake up the dream of a living space.
The place where nature starts new day brings a rich color and clear sound from the Sakura Park which is firstly appeared in Vietnam. The place where having a lot of great facilities brings exciting experiences every day for residents.

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Phu My Hung Midtown – The architectural masterpiece that Phu My Hung firstly joined hand with the three leading real estate developers in Japan: Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group.

The complex area consists of four interconnected buildings on 56,331m2 of land. Among The Grande building was announced in February, and the next building - The Symphony will be officially launched in the second quarter of this year. Phu My Hung Midtown fully integrates functions from housing, office to commercial, service and entertainment. Notably, the buildings here are designed in an ecological style, utilizing modern design techniques to maximize the green area, increase the use of functional space. Most of the building materials are imported from Europe. The design units are from the leading companies in the region.

"The Phu My Hung entire urban area has developed more than 70% of the land fund, the remaining funds are not much,and it is used fordeveloping house. Therefore, we want to do works with the best quality, "Truong Quoc Hung said.

Located on a land of 5.540m2, 26 floors with 309 apartments, its area from 69-249m2 and 13 stores. At the 5th floor is a convenience area with overflowing pools, simulated golf rooms, sauna, massage, children's playroom ... and on the roof of the building is a park.
Located on a land of 9,510m2, it consists of 4 buildings from 9-20 floors with 319 apartments and 73 stores and shops. Apartment area is large from 60-238m2. Facilities in the apartments: Gym, community room, swimming pool, outdoor golf, children's playroom ...

Prime location for
infinite connections and multiple values

Midtown Phu My Hung savors premium luxury living in a terrain of wealth and happiness that is rarely to find from others giving much conveniences for everyday living and especially have significant impact on your home value appreciation:

  • Vicinity of city: just across the bridge to the vivacious International Commercial & Financial District and the Crescent District with multi-functional buildings like offices, hotels, services, F&B

  • Vicinity of river: in front of the serene scenic river, trailing the curve of the terrain

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  • Vicinity of commercial route: located in the commercial Nguyen Luong Bang avenue & Tan Phu avenue converging numerous international schools & administration buildings.

  • Vicinity of park: opposite to the unique and iconic SAKURA PARK in Vietnam. And just within walking distance to the Saigon South park 4.5ha.

  • Vicinity of school: surrounded by local & international schools (Canadian, Saigon South, Japanese, Korean, Taipei…)


Arouse your senses
with multiple amenities and services

Developed in the direction of "Self-contained" in many convenience levels, Phu My Hung Midtown brings diversified services from the inside area to the outside of the living space. Accordingly, each project in the complex area is planned with all the convenience services only for residents such as swimming pool, outdoor barbecue, yoga in the top floor, golf room, library ...Xem thêm

The second level is the completion of the complex area as a small city, integrating into the community space with F & B service, shopping stores, supermarkets ... Especially along the river is the Sakura Park for the first time in Vietnam. It is inspired from the famous Cherry Blossom Park in Japan, there will be a Singapore Sakura tree line arranged along the footpaths of 600m or designs blended with Vietnamese and Japanese cultures such as floating deck, Sakura Plaza water fountain ... There is also an play area for children of each age, a multi-function sport field with many practical amenities for all residents.

The last level is that when stepping out of Phu My Hung Midtown complex area, residents need more variety, Phu My Hung urban area will meet all requirements such as trade, finance, entertainment, culture, health, education…



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