The special collection named Scenic Villa, is the convergence of the most perfect elites in all Phu My Hung’s real estate development ever, being selected from the best units with singular location, unique design and excessive potential value. Especially, in this remarkable launching, Phu My Hung also joined hand with leading design partners to create a complete architectural masterpiece “move-in ready homes", as an exclusive present for customers who desire to move in immediately or have not had chance to own one.

Like gems need to be selected and honed, two representative projects are chosen to complete this elite collection is the two supreme projects Star Hill and Riverside Residence. Star Hill has been well-known as the first residential project in Phu My Hung International Commercial and Financial District, with the potential of becoming the city’s new dynamic financial center and concentration of many multinational companies such as Unilever, Vinamilk, Manulife, KPMG,…And, Riverside Residence – known as “Prestigious Riverside Community” – in the rare riverside land fund that is designed to maximize value, surrounded by dreamlike landscape of the river, and covered by green trees of Nam Vien – the area with highest green density in Phu My Hung. With the potential developing plan, these two areas are expected to be not only a dreamy living paradise with various available utilities but also an attractive investment opportunity with highly promising increase in value amplitude.

Moreover, these units also own outstanding advantages as sky villa by spacious living space, separation between apartment’s function areas, private but convenience to access surrounding amenities; high location with wonderful view of the landscape; and a small private courtyard in front of the house for relaxing moments, yoga exercises or self-cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants, creating a private garden for the family,… In additional, every detailed feature, design lines, interior decoration and materials selection is meticulously cared to nurture each experience, realize living paradise that many of us have been dreaming of.

Particularly, along with PAYMENT PROGRAM OF 30% TO RECEIVE HOUSE (applicable for home loan with 0% interest rate and grace period) is PREFERENTIAL INTERIOR OFFERS UP TO 40% from famous brands in design, construction materials, furniture, electric equipment, home appliances… such as Vietceramics, Niro Ceramic, Grohe, Daikin, Aconcept, Moen, Malloca, Urban Design, Thiet Moc, Delta Decor, Elica, Etron Smarthome.

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Riverside Residence

Nam Vien, Phu My Hung

Star Hill

Phu My Hung International Commercial and Financial District


High quality finishing
in the bespoke home collection for the select few