Flawless matches between nature and modern architecture

Featured as a masterpiece painting of a combination between nature and architecture, Canh Vien 3 is a living space where peace is blending with nature and amenities on-site. The modern design makes condo look luxurious and elegant, being harmony with the neighboring buildings. Light filled up in and outside of the condo makes it brighter and more splendid. All form a modern living space amid nature.

Peaceful living space

Internal garden is splendid but fresh. This creates a peaceful living space. It is easy for the resident to notice lovely scene; amid the garden; of children cycling and playing with laughs and happiness; grandparent leisurely walking hand-in-hand with their kid; or young families strolling and practicing yoga. All of these things paint a beautiful picture of warming and happy life.

Beautiful scene

Just pulling the curtains down, scene of colorful and brilliant night is appeared. The resident is in cool district of green leaves and beautiful flowers with full of life.