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Crescent mall welcomes Future Park, the first digital playground in Vietnam

May 19th ~ June 6th, 2018 --- CRESCENT MALL welcomes a new concept in kid’s activity as it opens its doors to FUTURE PARK - a digital playground where kids and kids-at-heart can engage with technology to enhance and innovate artistic experiences. It is where people can experience the future of play.


“We are very excited to be the home of Future Park and Live Events in their first venture in Vietnam. We feel that they are aligned with Crescent Mall’s key objective, which is to provide a memorable experience to each and every person. This partnership will surely give joy to everyone.” said Ms. Joanne Gasgonia, Crescent Mall’s General Manager. 



“Crescent Mall is always in the pursuit of something fresh and unique that we can offer to our dear shoppers. This is where premium partnerships, such as this one with Future Park, comes in. I encourage everyone to visit us and let your imagination run free.” added Ms. Gasgonia.



One of Future Park’s aims is to introduce the digital world to the young in a proper context. There are conflicting sides to technology wherein children can be drawn into the isolation of a tablet, phone, or game console.  But there is the other side of Technology which allows us to access data, communicate faster, and bring our thoughts into reality.  Future Park believes that the younger generation should be encouraged to embrace the digital evolution but not at the cost of human interaction. With the correct guidance, children will be able to learn about the endless possibilities that technology has to offer at the same time developing their kinaesthetic and social skills.



“Future Park was founded on the idea of giving kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in technology without neglecting physical play and community engagement aspects of their development. It is a place that sparks curiosity, creativity and imagination. A place that shows you the possibilities of your imagination coming to life. We are happy that Crescent Mall shares and believes in our vision for children all over the world, and at least for the next month, it will be Future Park’s home in Vietnam. I invite all of you to come share in this experience as a family and create lasting memories with us.” said Mr. Cyril Tan, LIVE Events Vietnam’s CEO.





There will be Seven (7) different interactive and educational attractions featured in Crescent Mall; namely Sketch Forest, Butterfly Sky, Gravity Balls, Save the Reef, Virtual Sandbox and World of Zodiac. These attractions were carefully designed to trigger children’s imaginations and to show them what their thoughts look like in real life. By creating this hybrid education through play, kids will exercise their creativity more in the real world.

The whole premise is based on the idea that it’s easiest to learn when you enjoy what you are doing … and what could be more enjoyable that PLAY. As what George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we are old, we grow old because we stop playing.”


Enjoy seven (7) interactive and educational attractions


Spark your creativity. Give color to pictures of things you find in a jungle. Watch your sketches come to life and see the magic of Sketch Forest unfold!


Get your thinking caps on and assemble your own rocket.  All set? Now launch off your unique rocket ship into space!


Design your own unique butterfly and watch your colored creation fly to life across a magical sky!


Get active and learn about taking care of the environment. This activity shows kids that polluting is wrong and that they can save the many fishes that live in the sea by throwing soft balls at garbage.


Designed like a virtual ball pit Gravity balls is our digital version of playing with an endless supply of colourful balls without the mess but twice the fun.


See what Zodiac Sign fits you best! With this game try on all of the heads and hands of the 12 zodiac signs.



Let your imagination take flight! Your sand creations come alive in this Augmented Reality version of our sandbox. See where mountain ranges, lakes and even volcanoes should be in your majestic creation. Building things in the sand has never been this fulfilling.


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