General News

As the investor of Phu My Hung, the first model urban area in Vietnam, Phu My Hung pays special attention to fire prevention in construction, management and operation of the projects. For the safety of life and property of the residents, the guideline "fire prevention is better than firefighting" is always followed by the fire department in Phu My Hung.

In order to help people to carry out the operation of firefighting equipment in the event of a sudden fire, Phu My Hung Journal would like to introduce to readers and residents how to use “portable fire extinguisher” and “fire hoses in high rise buildings.”

This June, are you ready to “burn” your summer with exciting sports activities?

The Vietnam National Property Awards 2018 which was held on April 14th honoured many big real estate developers including Phu My Hung Development Corporation.

In order to create the best conditions for the residents to pay for Water, Gas and Management fees quickly and automatically, Phu My Hung Development Corporation cooperates with the Bank to deploy the AUTOMATIC PAYMENT SERVICE for Phu My Hung residents.

Great news for Nam Phuc – Le Jardin residents, “New Year – New Home”! From 15 Jan to 17 Jan 2018, Phu My Hung holds handover activity, welcoming first owners for receiving their condos. Nam Phuc – Le Jardin is completed before nearly a year compared to its expected time – December 2018. Although the real estate market experiences several delayed handovers recent years that becomes big concern of home buyers, Phu My Hung once again proved its “capability & dedication”, not only fully accomplishing their commitments but always striving to better things.

In the three quarters that have gone by this year HCM City’s real estate market witnessed many unexpected changes.

The ways and tricks of trickers via social networks.

The trickers often imitate engineers, doctors, and US soldiers, etc to sent images to introduce they are traders who are living in the United States, or solders fighting in Afghanistan, Syria

Calling tricks of imposters who assumed your friends or relatives

On 23rd October, in only two hours, 100% apartments in Block A building in Saigon South Residences were completely sold right after Phu My Hung Development Corporation officially opened it for sale. This time, the number of visitors were three times higher than the total amount of apartments. Thus, one part of Block B building with around 200 apartments was also decided to open for sale and this was, too, sold out.  Why does Saigon South Residences become such a hot sale like this?